Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why So Much Evil and Suffering?

A journal entry from many years ago, updated with new insight God has given me since.


"Abba, why is there so much evil and suffering in the world? How exactly does this happen? 

What is your heart for us?"

God / Holy Spirit:

"I love all that I created but most of all, I love mankind; because I created you in my very image. Like parents who conceive and give birth to children bearing their traits (looks, strengths, abilities, talents, likes, etc.), so I too have conceived and created you with my traits (an eternal spirit, ability to love, creative talent, a heart for justice, rewarding faithfulness, valuing righteousness, etc.)  Like good parents who focus on teaching their children to develop their traits in a way that will help them be happy and successful in life, so do I, too.

Now, not every human parent is a good parent; mostly due to past traumas or mental illness. While some plain and simply lack the needed basic insight and understanding, most are loving, caring, and understanding; good parents. And just like every kind and good parent, I have children with an obedient heart, and I have children with a rebellious heart. The obedient ones bring me great joy but the disobedient ones cause me sorrow. But as a parent, I love them both, just as much.

Every good parent wants the children they have brought into this world to contribute to building a better society and to creating a better world. So do I. No good parent wants a child to grow up to become a menace to society, a destroyer of lives, a person of violence, a thief or a murderer. Neither do I.

But many children become rebellious because they want to do what they want and think they understand life and know better. They think the parent doesn't really understand or know anything. They believe the false promises of a life of selfishness and even violence. Ultimately, they end up renouncing their parents' values and deny their parents the opportunity to impart wisdom into their lives. They turn a deaf ear and a hardened heart and go their own way. My rebellious children do these same things to Me--all the time. They have each turned to their own way and, in their hearts, they have renounced and denied Me as their Father and have legally adopted another as their father.

It gives a parent tremendous joy to see their child happy, doing honorable things and changing the world for the better. But deep sorrow invades the heart of the good parent whose child leads a life of running after things that could eventually lead to self-destruction, harming others and maybe even violence. No parent wants to see the life of their deeply loved child destroyed. And what's worse, most people begin to blame the good parents for the behavior of their children. I experience the same things. People are blaming Me all the time for the evil in the world.

Now, some pain and suffering are normal in this broken and fallen world, and it comes to everyone indiscriminately: death, working hard at something that does not fulfill you just because you have to make a living, accidents, attacks from wild animals, sickness/disease, and droughts. Such sufferings are the basic consequences of the Fall and are not necessarily caused by the evil that has taken root in the hearts of mankind.

The universe--both the physical and the spiritual dimensions--operates according to laws established in eternity."


"Father, eternity has laws!?"

Holy Spirit: 

"Yes, the spiritual realm has its own laws as well, of which you know little. But Satan knows this and uses it against you and to his advantage. 

When I created the physical world, I gave dominion and authority over it to mankind. Man was in covenant with Me. 

When Satan came and deceived mankind, he did it with the one thing that would mean they had renounced Me and denied Me free access to intervene in their personal lives--He deceived them into disobedience. So they disobeyed Me, their Source of Life. He was aware that, according to the laws of heaven, this would permanently cut them off from Me and therefore, also from eternal life. And that this would transfer all of mankind and the dominion and authority I had entrusted to them, over to him. He was aiming for the gold. But I had a plan. I always do.

From then on, he gained dominion over the hearts and lives of mankind. But after the Fall, I promised to send a Savior to mankind. Everything had to happen according to the laws of eternity; heaven's laws had a provision for redemption for mankind and for the world. No one can repeal the laws of eternity and Satan could do nothing to change this. 

So, I chose a particular human family line to bring about My promise of redemption to mankind. I walked with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel), I left My glory in heaven, humbled myself and took on flesh, and came as a human-being--as Jesus (meaning God saves,) the Christ (meaning: the Anointed One,) as Emmanuel (meaning God is with us), and as the Lamb of God (meaning to remove your sins from you.) This is why Jesus is called the Son of God. I will help anyone who decides to love and follow Me, no matter what they've done or where they are in their lives right now.

Throughout time, the Evil one has been working very hard at corrupting the hearts of mankind; so much so, that every thought of man has become evil in My eyes. Satan has plunged mankind into deep darkness and ignorance of Me and of My Father-heart for them. 

Satan now rules the world and the systems of this world through the will and the hearts of mankind. Human beings do not realize how much I love them, and that what they are doing is so repulsive in heaven's eyes. Satan uses man's selfishness, self-worship, and self-serving attitudes to propel mankind into rebellion against Me and to hurt others. By willfully choosing to disobey My teachings and to hurt others, individuals express their rejection of Me and reassure their commitment to Self. 

The easiest way for Satan to control the world is through man's heart. The heart will receive input from either Light or Darkness. And each individual is given the opportunity to make this choice for themselves and eternity abides by it. This choice is personal. When people choose Light, the laws of the Kingdom of Light will apply in their lives. When they choose Darkness, the laws of the Kingdom of Darkness will apply in their lives. Very simple.

Of course, Darkness promises importance, reputation, fame, success, power and wealth but requires from people that they control, manipulate, deceive, and use twisted strategies. But after a human-being dies, he can't take all that fame, power and wealth with him. All people will have left for eternity is their soul. Since I created mankind, the laws of eternity give me the right to pursue the heart of each human-being for as long as they live. I have the right to seek the restoration of our initial relationship. And since My blood sacrifice paid for all sins, all can be restored to this relationship, without having to fear punishment, if anyone chooses to return to Me. But if they persist in remaining with Darkness, I do not have a right to them after they die. They will have to appear before My Throne of judgement and, after this, go with the one whom they have chosen, the one who now owns them.

So, I have been rejected as a Father and another is now their father. I have been denied any say in the lives of those who go their own way. And even when, according to eternity's laws, I am no longer their Father, I still love my creation very deeply and hurt for all who suffer. So, I sneak in Light, grace, and mercy here and there. But I have a unique window of opportunity when those who are faithful to Me, pray or intercede on behalf of the lost. In these instances, the laws of eternity grant me the right to break into a situation to answer those prayers. Since Satan is now the father of those who've rejected Me and chosen him, Satan has the laws of eternity on his side, when it relates to the lost. These laws of eternity do not give Me the right to override human choice. And I am not a thief. So, I will never break My own laws, the laws of heaven, because I am holy, righteous, and just. I am unchanging and My Word stands forever. Therefore, I will not usurp Satan's role as the chosen father. 

For me to intervene, my covenant children have to lift up a prayer and submit a request on behalf of the lost, before the Throne of Grace. I am always waiting and ready to act and start the process of turning the heart of a lost soul. Prayer gives me the right to intervene at a greater degree and deeper level in their lives. This is why it is so important for My faithful ones to pray always and intercede for the lost.

It is Self (selfishness and self-centeredness) that causes hatred, arguing, jealousy, anger, contention, and all other evil. At the Fall, man acquired the knowledge of evil. These were sown into the heart of mankind by Satan and it is all that Self knows how to do. Prior to our disobedience, mankind only had knowledge of what was good. Today, once again, My Spirit fills the heart of mankind with good: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These come from the Kingdom of Light. When I am welcomed in, I sow these new seeds and begin to root up the old weeds. And slowly but surely, lives are transformed  (Galatians 5: 13-26.)

I love each and every single human-being and it brings Me sorrow to see anyone choose Darkness. I hate the deeds of darkness and evil, because they cause a lot of tragedy and suffering, but I do not hate people. On the contrary, I loved you all so much that I came to earth and died in the flesh to pay the price for everyone's sin. Now, you are free to live fully for Me. The evil nature no longer has a hold on any one who has accepted Me.

I want you to look at every human-being through my eyes. All can be redeemed. All have value. Pray for their salvation.


Dear reader, know that you are deeply loved by the One who created you in His image. If you have never before received Jesus Christ (the human appearance of God) as your Savior, God, and King; will you invite Him into your life and heart today? He has been waiting for you for a long time. If so, just click here and read the 4th prayer (the Sample Prayer of Invitation to God.) He will bless you!

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