I love spending time with God!! Everyday I enter into His presence and let Him fill me up. It is an awesome experience and I am inviting you to share it with me.

This page is dedicated to praise and worship music streaming, where you can come join me in worship, praise, and thanksgiving to our awesome God. My prayer is that your praise and worship experiences here will bless your socks off!!

It will be wonderful to go into His presence together! He's just waiting to pour out an abundance of His love, peace, joy, grace, favor, hope, wisdom, deliverance, healing, power and blessing upon you and me. Wow! Can you imagine? All these things are available to us right now. Just thinking about it excites me.

So, no matter where you are in your life, or on planet earth, when you come into His presence, know that He will receive all that's in your heart, and in exchange, give you all the good He has for you. And, if you are facing any difficulty, just know that He will carry you safely through any challenge or adversity, make you stronger, and bring you out in victory!
  • FYI, there are ads in this playlist that I created of some of my favorites on YouTube. 
  • I have no control over these adds and I get No ad revenues whatsoever.


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