Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Love God's Way - 1 Cor. 13

This post is the exact same post as "What is Love?" posted here in May 2013. It was imported from the first location where I had initially set up this blogsite. This import allows me to keep the very first comment my blog received. It is priceless to me.

------------ Abridged Rendering ------------------

This is based on a journal entry from my devotional time with God.


“Lord, teach me how to love—truly love. How do I love with Your heart? My love is so imperfect. I watched the movie The Hiding Place and I can identify with Corrie ten Boom, with the way she loved. But, Father, I'd like to have the courage and strength of faith and character to love like Corrie's little sister Betsie did. She was committed to loving others with Your love and refused to hate those who caused her pain and made her life a living hell...

"“What would You like to tell me about love, Father?”...

“Joy, my beloved,... This is the kind of love that makes the Bride My peculiar people and will empower Her to become a true witness of Me in the earth.”