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To Know Your Heart

From the album: "To Know Your Heart"
by Brent Anderson and Cape First Worship

Welcome to My Blog

My name is Joy and I'm your host. One of my favorite worship songs is “To Know Your Heart” because this is the deepest desire of my heart. The most life-changing experience we can have is to know God. When we know God, we learn what true love is and we are filled with peace and joy—we find true life!

I have been spending time with God since I became a believer in Jesus Christ many years ago. This is when my journey to know God's heart and to hear His voice began. Soon, I began to journal our conversations. 

Since then, He's been teaching me lessons from heaven: giving me revelation about His love and His kingdom, guiding me into His plans for my life, and leading me safely through many difficult times. I've found that life with God is amazing, beautiful, and quite exciting.

Around 2008, He revealed to me that He wanted me to share my journal lessons publicly, to teach and bless others. But I didn't know exactly how I should do this.

...There is nothing covered that won't be uncovered, and nothing hidden that won't be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light. What you hear in a whisper, proclaim on the housetops.
~ Matthew 10:26-27

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join me on the awesome journey of discovering the heart and the love of God. And even to “eavesdrop” on some of our private conversations by reading posts of selected journal entries. You will receive revelation that could change your life!

My heart's desire is that this blog will bring you peace and joy. May it encourage you, bless you, and inspire you, in the name of Jesus. Enjoy the journey!

Who are You, oh God,
that You would 
notice me?
I just can't understand
how the Creator 
of the universe
could show me 
so much love
and give it all for me.

Spending time with You,
abiding in Your Presence
You are so amazing.
To listen to Your voice
speak to me so clearly,
It takes my breath away

(1st time only):
You have always been 
My Strong Tower,
My Rock and my Fortress
My Shelter in the 
time of the storm

To know Your heart,
to feel Your love
To find You in 
that secret place
and touch Your 
heart, oh God
To hear Your voice
call out my name
Lord there's nothing 
in this world
that I want more
Than to know Your heart

Show me Your ways, 
oh Lord,
just like You did 
with Moses
And teach me Your paths
Let Your fire come 
and burn me up
till there's nothing left 
but You
Oh, Lord, till there's
nothing left but You

You have always been 
My Strong Tower,
My Rock and my Fortress
My Shelter in the 
time of the storm
And forever You 
have held me
under the shadow 
of Your wings
And the words You speak
have given me life

To know Your heart...

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